Cocktail Menu


The Nita 15
lo-fi gentian amaro / suntory toki / blood amara / yuzu sake / hibiscus cordial

The Kura 15
evan williams bonded bourbon / montenegro amaro / cherry

The Mika … 15
roku japanese gin /umeshu / yuzu / umeboshi-honey / shiso bitters

The Leela … 15
fort hamilton jd private barrel rye / thai tea / palo cortado sherry /grapefruit oil

The Mojito jd … 17
lactose clarified | bounty st. lucia rum / lime / simple syrup / mint

Signature Cocktails

The Amber … 16
haku japanese vodka / el gobernador pisco / yuzu sake / grapefruit / caffo / bubbles

The Lupe … 16
palomo mezcal / passion fruit / calabrian chili / empirical ayuuk / sake / lemon

The Luciana … 16
espolon blanco tequila / toasted coconut / cucumber-cane / pineapple / braulio amaro / lemon

The Camila … 16
Tanqueray sevilla gin / london dry gin / kumquat / thai tea syrup / lemon

The Dori … 17
sg shochu mugi / junmai sake / sudachi cordial / bitter bianco / midori

Yuki’s Cup … 16 
awayuki strawberry gin / pimms no.1 / cucumber-ginger-strawberry / lemon / sparkling water

The Nova … 16
evan williams bonded bourbon / st. lucia rum / zucca rabarbaro amaro/ aperol / strawberry-miso / burrata water / lemon

The Sakura … 16
roku japanese gin / ume-shu plum sake / violet / shiso

The Karlita … 16
blanco tequila / mango eau de vie / palomo mezcal / bianco vermouth / luxardo bitter bianco 

The Amarena … 16
evan williams bonded bourbon / barolo chinato / raspberry / caffo red bitter

The Mirtillo … 16
fort hamilton private barrel rye / yanagita minzura shochu / pasubio amaro / banana oleo / lemon oil

The Silvia (n/a)  … 10
fresh pineapple / ginger / honey / lemon / sparkling water

The Ichigo (n/a)  … 12
giffard NA aperitivo / strawberry-miso / lemon / sparkling water / mint

Classic Cocktails

Sbagliato … 14
rosso vermouth / italian red bitter / sparkling wine

The Monte Carlo … 14
bonded rye whiskey / benedictine / cocoa & aromatic bitters / lemon oil

Negroni … 14
bombay london dry gin / rosso vermouth / caffo red bitter

The Manhattan … 14
old overholt bonded rye / rosso vermouth / aromatic bitters

Daiquiri … 14
bounty st. lucia rum / lime / simple syrup

El Diablo jd … 14
blanco tequila / palomo mezcal / ginger / calabrian chili / bubbles

The corpse reviver no. 2 … 14
bombay london dry gin / bianco vermouth / orange curaçao / lemon / absinthe rinse

Jungle Bird jd … 14
appleton signature blend / coruba dark jamaican rum / red bitter / pineapple / lime / simple

The Billionaire …15
bonded bourbon / pomegranate / lemon / absinthe bitters

Paper Plane … 14
evan williams bonded bourbon / aperol / amaro rossa / lemon

The Penicillin … 14
famous grouse blended scotch / lagavulin islay scotch / honey-ginger / lemon

Jane Doe Nun Drinking Cocktails

At Jane Doe, we make sure that every sip tells a story. Our cocktail menu is designed to pair with our small plates and give you the ultimate night out.

Our mixologists are more than mere bartenders. They are masters of their craft, expertly blending flavors to create the best cocktails in Jersey City. Each drink is a masterpiece, made and garnished with the freshest ingredients and spirits.

Our vibrant cocktail bar in Jersey City combines tradition with innovation, from the smoky allure of our perfectly balanced Lupe to the zesty refreshment of a citrusy Luciana.

Our cocktail bar in Jersey City is more than just a place to enjoy a drink—it’s a destination where memories are made. The feel throughout the bar is intimate yet lively, the perfect backdrop for a night out with friends or a cozy date night. One of the best parts is the consistent sound of vinyl playing from the speakers.

At Jane Doe, we believe that the best cocktails in Jersey City should taste not only incredible but also look stunning enough to post on social media. Each drink that is placed in front of you will be pleasing to the eyes as well as your tongue.

Plan a night out at our restaurant and cocktail bar in Jersey City, NJ, and let us make it a night you will never forget.

Every customer is treated like they have been with us for years and are our closest friends, making us the go-to destination for those seeking the best cocktails in Jersey City.


Before visiting any other bar and restaurant in Jersey City, make sure to stop at Jane Doe. Our commitment to excellent service and our innovative and changing menu, paired with the perfect cocktail, have made us a top choice for both locals and visitors to Jersey City.

We can’t wait to see you at Jane Doe!

Guests Ages 21+ Welcome | We cannot accept parties larger than 6

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